Daikaiju TV (or DKU-TV for short) is an online streaming channel that started in 2015. The channel streams Tokusatsu films and shows (such as the Godzilla films and episodes of Ultraman), vintage anime films and series, Asian drama and horror films,  European sci-fi films and shows, animated films from around the world, vintage B-films and Saturday morning cartoons.
Watching the channel is very easy and basically can be watched on anything that has an internet connection and a browser (PC, smart phone/tablet and Smart TV.) There are 4 ways to watch from
1) Facebook Live/Watch Parties which the links get posted as soon as the channel goes live online/streaming.
2) Twitch via this link – https://www.twitch.tv/dkuteevee
3) Vaughn.live via this link – vaughn.live/daikaijutv
4) or FC2 (a Japanese Vlog) via this link – http://bit.ly/FC-DKUTV
And that is all to it.
And please join the channel’s official Facebook group, Daikaiju Domain –  http://bit.ly/dkutvgroup

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