DKU-TV Insider (April 11, 2021)

The question of where you can donate to the channel has been popping up in the group and in chat. The PayPal donation page is always up – just go to Currently, I am trying to get more hard drives to store the rapid growing vault library of Tokusatsu films and shows along with other films for the channel. And I am trying to upgrade the pc to a more powerful system to stream better with films in 1080p or even in 4K as we are getting discs that with the older stuff being put out in the higher formats.
So yes, any and all donations are perfectly welcome and will go toward that new goal now.
Patreon was also brought up recently. I tried to use that a few years ago to get the needed computer equipment when the old system suddenly failed but there were some issues of getting the money right away or even a month later. I had to switched back to PayPal which worked fine with enough generous donations for a new computer within a few hours by fantastic DKU viewers. I plan to set up Patreon properly this summer for viewers to donate monthly to add new dvds of films/shows and for any equipment that might need to be replace or upgrade and to pay for the annual website cost. And even to possibly pay for subtitle translations of shows like the original Giant Robo (Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot) or any other cult films that haven’t had any subtitles. I just need to figure out the tier plans/rewards for how much is donated.
I would love to thank those viewers that already donated this year – Liana Scientia, Michael Wady, Lee Hendrick and Elizabeth Hughes. Any support to make the channel better by viewers and group members is very much appreciated.
Thank you for your continuing viewing and support of the channel,
Until next time…Genki de!!!
Josef, Daikaiju TV Head Admin.

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