DKU-TV Insider (January 18, 2020)

So, with 2 weeks to go until DKU-Tv is back to streaming with the new season, I was all set to post this to talk about the chatrooms during the streams and it might be more important now that they shut down the new FB page without anything going on yet. Mostly, during the streams, I have like 3 or 4 windows open to monitor the chat. First, there is the new chats from the personal Facebook account (1), then one for the watch party (2), one for the FC2 crowd (3) and finally the chatroom on (4). Keeping an eye on these and the health of the stream leaves me little time to watch the stuff I have streaming. There might be no clear answer to this problem since people are going to be watching and commenting on whatever they are on at that moment…hence why I monitor all 4 chats now. However, I did start a Discord chat server 2 years but never really saw the use for it really with the 2 or 3 chats going on but now, it might be more of a central chat hub. And it is off Facebook, so it won’t be shut down by any means. The main server is called DKU-TV’s Tokusatsu Talk –
I don’t know how many members here have Discord accounts or want to use Discord but if this is interesting to you, I will try to set up the chat with more rooms to be in for the streams or any updates.But, basically, I would like to get some feedback on this and see if we do want to use this as the main chat for the channel or if it will be just the 5th chat for me to just monitor along with the others. Until next time…Genki de!!! Josef, Daikaiju TV Head Admin.

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