DKU-TV Insider (January 2, 2020)

It’s 2020 and DKU-TV will be back on February 1st with the new season with 6.5 days a week of programing including the new Monday lineup with “It’s An Animated World” and “Miyazaki Monday” and more rare/unseen Tokusatsu series that will expand that time-slot to 4 hours on Thursdays (splitting with double features on other Thursdays.) And hopefully if all goes well, Saturday Morning Madness (which will lead off the new season) will be joined by Super Sunday Madness with 4 more hours of your favorite cartoon shows. Just working on the remaining intros that are needed. Also, I am working on the store on the main site that will have mugs, shirts, jackets, caps and some other great items as it gets finish. That also means I have to do a better job of maintaining the main site which I have let slip during the last 3 months of holiday themed marathons/other programing.
Which is leading me to think of getting some assistance. So, if you have knowledge of working with WordPress and have some free time during the day to help out and just would like to help out with the channel, let me know. There will be no pay (of course) but I will let you have access to the DKU-TV vaults for your personal use.
I really want to thank all of the viewers over the last year of staying with the channel through what happen in 2019 – The great loss of our page of 4 years and almost 20k follower and then, the loss of our 2nd page only a few months after that. Which is making me to rethink things and maybe use the future page as a landing page for things like ads, announcements and where I will post the FB streaming post from the other DKU-TV personal accounts. This has been working for the last month or so while DKU-TV had no official page. And while, I do plan to use the Facebook Live streaming on the new page, I might only use it for those nights/streams that aren’t going to get flagged or block…which is getting harder to predict with how FB operates these days with their bots flagging films on repeats and not on first showing in the evenings; I am more willing to have them put the personal DKU-TV accounts in FB jail or delete them than having them delete the new page again on FB. But regardless, the channel will always have a home at and have the other 2 streaming feeds for anyone to watch on.
Finally, my thanks and appreciation goes to those few that did donate in the last few months to help the channel via the channel’s PayPal donation page – It is open to any donation all year around so if you can help out in upgrading things for the channel, I would appreciate it.
I know there are other outlets like Comet TV and some other new guys also streaming Godzilla films; But I am always trying to push things for the channel and since the new Godzilla Blu-ray dvd set came out, I just had to provide something new like having the rare copy of King Kong vs Godzilla that was taken from the 4k version on the TV broadcast by Toho a few years ago (Thanks goes out to Jeff for that.) And yes, it will be shown again for Titans of Toho Theater in February for those who didn’t get to catch it last night.
Well, that pretty much wraps up everything I have to say on this first ‘DKU-TV Insider’ (Formally ‘Feedback’) for 2020.
Until next time…Genki de!!!
Josef, Daikaiju TV Head Admin.

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