A Little Bit of Madness for Everyone!

With only 2 more Saturday Morning Madness streams to go until our little break with some upcoming weekend marathons, DKU-TV has packed tomorrow’s stream with a something for everyone – Blackstar and Thundarr for action, Exo-squad and the Galaxy Rangers for some space adventure and Josie and the Pussycats for some musical comedy, along with all your favorites on the channel. So join us once again at 8 am EST for Saturday Morning Madness on DKU-TV!To watch DKU-TV when the stream begins, go to http://bit.ly/dkutv-fblive2 (the Facebook Live stream) or use these other links to watch – https://vaughnlive.tv/daikaijutv or http://bit.ly/DKUTV-FC2The live stream will be play once, however, the recording will be posted on the daikaiju.tv site afterwards for later viewing.

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