Donations Needed

I hope everyone had a chance to check out DKU-TV’s website at that recently got updated with the live streaming links and a preview window on the homepage. It will be the place to catch the recordings of Saturday Morning Madness and the upcoming Sunday Morning Madness. So, make sure you bookmark it, because I doubt I will be able to post the direct viewing links on the DKU-Tv page.
But because I had to create the site in a hurry last week and pay for the yearly hosting and the wordpress-template that the site uses, I did have to use all I had in my own funds to get it made, so I m asking the viewers to help out again with compensatory payment for the site and maybe some future equipment upgrades?
I do what I can to keep the channel going and without the store up yet, I have to draw from my own budget and when the recent issues with the old page happened and coming up with other solutions which call for cash, it gets hard at times and forces me to ask for help from the viewers.
Any longtime subscription isn’t feeble at this time, but I took some viewers advice and left the PayPal pool open for any donation at any time. So, any help from the viewers will be gratified by using the link below
Thank you for your support,
Until next time…Genki de!!!
Josef, Daikaiju TV Head Admin.

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