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Well, I hope everyone had a good weekend and a Happy Father’s Day. I was busy all weekend setting  up a new website with the domain I got last year (Yea, I know…Finally did it.) When Facebook finally “released” me from FB Jail, I was kind of hoping that they would bring back the page in a limit way. But,  thinking of it, I realized that we might have to face the fact that Facebook might not put it up again. It might be back in 30 days, but it might been one violation too many. So, what was started on FB almost 4 years ago is now gone along with all the 40+  recorded cartoon streams, 13,000 likes and nearly 20,000 followers.  I will try to set up a new page in place of the old one. But, if FB doesn’t let me do it, then we will need a replacement and one that FB can’t touch.   If you have time, please bookmark  – as the place to go for everything  DKU-TV. I will still post  here in the group and on the new page  when/if that is up. But the new site will  have the links to all of the live streaming feeds, schedule announcements  and most importantly now, the recorded streams of Saturday/Sunday Morning Madness after every live stream ends.  It will have more features that will be added at late dates, but I just wanted to have it up  before DKU-Tv continues to stream again  this week.

DKU-Tv isn’t ending but keeping on evolving to provide the same great content that we have been showing for nearly 4 years. I personally want to thank all the loyal and great viewers that joined  in for the fun. FB might have detonated  an Oxygen Destroyer at us.  But, like Big G, we are stronger than ever.  Hail  to the king!

Until next time…Genki de!!!
Josef, Daikaiju TV Head Admin.


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