Feedback (June 13, 2019)

I was going to wait until Friday morning to post this feedback but with everyone asking so many questions and asking where the stream is for tonight or if we will be streaming tomorrow, I just thought should do this now.

Again, the channel was taken down temporarily when Warner Brother’s copyright office cited a few of the recorded cartoon streams with their properties. Also, my own account was fined for a few days too in Facebook Jail. They say that everything will be back to normal on Saturday afternoon. However, I have a feeling that they will continue the live streaming block on the channel as punishment for a month or so. But we do have the other 2 feeds that are fine on Vaughnlive and FC2. Also, I can stream again via through an DKU-TV account to the channel (as I tested out months ago.) So, we do have ways to continue with the channel.

Last night was a testing bed of sorts and I was pleased to see 80 viewers on both feeds despite no live stream on FB. This proves that we do have our loyal viewers that are will be watching no matter what and off Facebook.

Tonight, I was planning to show the tokusatsu film from the Shaw Brothers – The Super Infra-Man but I was still a bit unsure yet about the viewership yesterday after all of this happened I will reschedule that for next week. Tomorrow’s stream will go as planned with the 2 Kung Fu films. But before I do anything for Saturday, I have to ask the viewers on what will be the best way to proceed with Saturday Morning Madness and the future of the Sunday Morning Madness stream.

As it is now…DKU-Tv will not be recording any more streams on Facebook for the foreseeable future. So, it leaves us with 2 options to continue to let people enjoy the cartoon streams on the weekends.

One – To do a repeat right after the first 4 hours of the cartoons. This will eat into the Saturday Afternoon stream and maybe cancel the Cliffhangers and East vs West stuff so we can shift things around to continue with the other popular stuff on Saturday like the Moonlight Matinee, Transformers and Saturday Anime.

Two – To just leave things as they are, not recording the streams on FB but to use the recordings from Vaughnlive and post the links on the channel page when we get them uploaded to some storage site afterwards for easy viewing.

Either of these will be the options to go with until we can work out a better deal to have the semi-right to show stuff (which might be in the future later this year.) In the last nearly 4 years of doing this channel, we haven’t met any major problems, like we been facing this year. But it does come with all of this and especially when you add more to the schedule and get more viewers/popularity.

Until next time…Genki de!!!
Josef, Daikaiju TV Head Admin.

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